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Peanut Butter Blondie Brownie – HSN Healthy Recipes

Peanut Butter Blondie Brownie Blondie Brownie with Organic Peanut Butter low in sugar! Try cooking it at home for breakfast or a snack Peanut Butter Blondie Brownie Recipe A delicious brownie with organic peanut butter! Recipe Tips Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 12 minutes Portion size: 1 Brownie Number of servings: 1 Cooking style: American Ingredients 1 egg 1 egg white 80g of Instant Oat Flour by HSNfoods 80g of Smooth Peanut Butter by HSNbio 30ml of water 1 scoop of Evowhey 2.0 (Cookies & Cream) by HSNsports 1 tsp of baking powder Sweetener to taste A handful of Continue Reading

The heart-healthy, plant-based breakfast a cardiologist eats every day

When it comes to heart health, most of the advice from doctors is a long list of “don’ts.” (Don’t eat too much red meat. Don’t eat sugar. Don’t eat processed foods.) All good advice, of course, but it leaves me wondering what to eat for a heart-healthy breakfast. If you want to start your day off with a meal that’s working in your heart’s favor, cardiologist Ashok Mittal, MD, who works at Baptist Health Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Florida, has a heart-healthy breakfast recommendation: oatmeal. It’s full of cardiovascular benefits, he says. Need an easy go-to recipe? Try Continue Reading

The ‘plank body scan’ will make sure you engage every muscle in your body

Planking seems easy enough. The exercise requires little more than holding yourself in a stationary position. Pretty cool. But don’t let the inspiring woman who held one for more than four hours straight fool you; they’re not as easy as they look. And if even one tiny part of your form isn’t correct, it throws the whole thing off. There are a lot of common mistakes people make when planking. According to trainer Meg Takacs, some people strain their neck, some push their hips up way too high, and some keep their feet too close together. It happens—especially when you Continue Reading

The habit Susan Miller wants you to adopt to make it through Mercury Retrograde unscathed

When I recently chatted with astrologer Susan Miller of AstrologyZone about Mercury retrograde effects, she offered up some interesting perspective that goes beyond the common themes of communication, travel, and technology problems. Mercury retrograde, she says, is can be summed up as a series of micro-inconveniences that don’t necessarily have an earth-shattering impact on your life so much as add up to a constant stream of eye-roll-worthy events gone wrong. Because of this, she has a blanket piece of Mercury-retrograde-survival advice that could benefit everyone: double-check everything. “Mercury is just contractual, everyday things, but also silly things, like leaving your Continue Reading

This 81-year-old great grandmother is a cycling world-record holder—here’s how she does it

At a time when most people begin to slow down their daily routine, Patricia Baker sped up her career as a professional indoor cyclist at age 67. Now 81 years old, she’s won 25 national championships and one world championship. A retired pharmacist, Baker says being active was never a choice—it was a lifestyle, one she credits for her enduring health. “When you’ve been a pharmacist for over 50 years, you see a lot of stuff,” says Baker, a resident of Laguna Hills, California. “Throughout my whole life, I’ve believed drugs are something that a lot of people want to Continue Reading

▷ Vegan Biscuits – 100% Vegan and Delicious!【HSN Blog】

Vegan Biscuits Recipe Today, we have a very easy recipe for you: Vegan Biscuits. Delicious and nutritious! What are you waiting for? Get cooking! How to cook Vegan Biscuits? Recipe Tips Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Portion size: 1 Biscuit Number of servings: 5 Cooking style: European Ingredients 50g of Rice Flour by HSNfoods 50g of Instant Oat Flour by HSNfoods 1 spoonful of Almond Butter by HSNfoods 50g of Desiccated Coconut Powder by HSNfoods 1 spoonful of Agave syrup 50ml of oat drink 1 pinch of salt Nutritional Information per serving Calories: 223.8kcal Fat: 13g of Continue Reading

Sure, eating less meat is trendy, but is it actually healthy?

It started with the comeback of the Mediterranean diet. After being named the best diet of 2019 by U.S. News and World Reports, healthy eaters started searching for more ways to minimize meat consumption, getting their protein from other sources, like seafood and legumes. And while we’re only mere months into 2020, plant-based eating—where a person eats less meat and animal products in favor of more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes—is already proving to be the dominant eating plan of choice, not just a passing fad. There are many reasons that have led to the rise of more people minimizing Continue Reading

How to use a $20 cast iron skillet to prepare every meal

There’s something about using a cast iron skillet that seems so powerful. The skillets are heavy, can rust when not taken care of, and storing them involves oil. Andrea Mathis, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist from Alabama, assures me that cast iron skillet recipes are nothing to be intimidated by. “I have always been a huge fan of cooking with cast iron,” says Mathis. “Besides being nonstick, and super easy to clean, my meats tend to brown better and my veggies cook a lot faster.” Unless your skillet comes seasoned, like this Lodge 12″ Cast Iron Skillet ($23), you have Continue Reading

How a marketing manager making $125K snags free flights for her international vacays

Do you know how much money your friends make? What about how much their rent is or how much is in their bank accounts right now? I’m guessing no. Even in a world where questions about menstrual cups and the ins and outs of sex are completely (and blessedly) normal to ask, somehow the ever-ubiquitous use of money remains a touchy subject for many. People want to live their healthiest life ever, but—#realtalk—it can add up. Have you ever wondered how your colleague who makes less than you do (or so you think) can afford to buy a $5 matcha and a $12 chopped salad every Continue Reading

4 real benefits of crying that’ll make you feel great about *all* your feelings

A while back, I showed my parents a video of a baby moved to happy tears by his mother’s singing. This baby was just about like the purest, roundest, squishiest, cutest angel I’d ever seen, and his tears moved me to tears. And then my dad. My stoic mom stayed dry-eyed, but I digress. What’s good news for me, my dad, and this internet baby is that there are some real, tangible benefits of crying. Sure, for some, crying may conjure a sense of weakness, or feel embarrassing, or reflect being hyper-emotional. The people who feel that way, though, could Continue Reading

Cutting Edge Code

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HTML5 Standards that Define

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts. It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows the building of more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications.

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CSS3 Latest Evolutions

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in HTML. CSS3 is the latest evolution of the Cascading Style Sheets language and aims at extending CSS2.1. It brings a lot of long-awaited novelties, like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, as well as new layouts like multi-columns, flexible box, or grid layouts.

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JavaScript Free, Means Conflict Free

JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, programming language with first-class functions. However, JavaScript is never used in this theme to avoid all possible conflicts with Plugins, WordPress Updates, Custom Coding so that SemperFi just works.

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A One Off WordPress Customizer Options Generator

The Theme Customization API, added in WordPress 3.4, allows developers to customize and add controls to the 'Appearance' → 'Customize' admin screen. SemperFi has one of kind code to automatically generate WordPress Customizer Controls for the rapid deployment of custom customizer features. Meaning, SemperFi has the most powerful theme customizers ever thought up.

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Built with Grid, Flex, and Font Scaling

The Flexible Box Module, usually referred to as flexbox, was designed as a one-dimensional layout model, and as a method that could offer space distribution between items in an interface and powerful alignment capabilities. The grid CSS property is a shorthand property that sets all of the explicit grid properties (grid-template-rows, grid-template-columns, and grid-template-areas), and all the implicit grid properties (grid-auto-rows, grid-auto-columns, and grid-auto-flow), in a single declaration. A web design that has true Font Scaling can display a perfect layout and perfectly legible fonts on every modern cell phone, tablet, computer, 8k TV monitor. The size of the screen does not matter.

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Moble First Responsive Design

Historically, most web designers and their clients have approached the desktop side of any project first, while leaving the mobile part as a secondary goal that gets accomplished later. There are over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. In the U.S., 250f Web users are mobile-only. Semper Fi is designed as a mobile website theme first and desktop second to ensure the best compatibility no matter what the size of the screen the website is viewed on.

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Woocommerce Shopping Cart Integration

In April 2017, a total of 1,986,324 in websites use WooCommerce, or 23,724 of the world’s top million websites. That’s 0.50f all websites or 2.80f the top million websites. SemperFi comes with WooCommerce code built in to enable a clean and simple shopping cart experience customized to match the theme. Making it easy to set up a shop quickly and focus on the products and not the website.

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Built in Google Structured MicroData

Google Search works hard to understand the content of a page. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on a recipe page, what are the ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calories, and so on. SemperFi is equipped with Structured Microdata to ensure the best search results. Structured data isn't something an SEO plugin can provide only a theme Author can code.

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A WordPress Theme by Schwarttzy

All of the themes on are created, developed, and maintained free of charge by the author. As the author of this theme, Schwarttzy, I offer a premium plugin that includes additional features to enhance your experience. This premium plugin for Semper Fi Lite helps supports my investment of the many hours I've put into this theme. For incentive, the premium plugin for Semper Fi Lite includes additional features to customize the theme with. These options are not available in the free version. Additionally, I offer to make minor custom changes to the Semper Fi Lite code for further customization. However, I will always support the free versions when issues of bugs and errors in the code are found.

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Get Semper Fi Plus!

Get the Premium Plugin to go from Semper Fi Lite, to Semper Fi Plus! Just visit the author's website and help support the theme. The Plugin Semper Fi plus adds in additional features to those that choose to support the theme using the themes custom action hooks. When one supporter receives customization for the theme, everyone gets the customization with a simple update.

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