Galen developed

Galen developed detailed various indications for morning and evening massage.
The Romans, like the Greeks, introduced massage into the system of their physical education, into the army. In the biography of Julius Caesar, the plutarch mentions that the great commander of Rome forced the slaves to massage themselves.

A characteristic indicator of the prosperity of massage in ancient Rome is the following repeatedly described fact. Once during a trip, Emperor Hadrian drew attention to a disabled person who rubbed his back on a marble column of an open bath. “Why are you rubbing yourself?” Asked Adrian. “I have no slaves who could ruin me,” the disabled person replied. Adrian, in returning the past merits of the old soldier, gave him two slaves and granted him a sufficient pension. On the way back, passing by this bathhouse again, Adrian saw a huge crowd of people rubbing against the columns. To his question, what are they doing, he received the same answer as from a disabled person. This time, Adrian advised them to rub each other.

The Romans were able to distinguish between training massage and restorative. They resorted to preliminary massaging techniques before performing in the arena, widely using body massage with oil, bathing, rubbing sand with massage.